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Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Download
19/11/17 Gordon Higgens Walk and not faint Download
12/11/17 Ron Bailey Sunday evening Download
12/11/17 Ron Bailey Partners with God Download
05/11/17 Ben Kennington The character of Jesus Download
22/10/17 Derek Camfield Prayer Download
08/10/17 Les Wheeldon Sunday evening Download
08/10/17 Les Wheeldon He took our sickness Download
24/09/17 Ron Bailey Walking in faith Download
17/09/17 Matthew Steed The son of David and the son of God Download
27/08/17 Keith Greener Fear not Download
13/08/17 Gary Sims Love your neighbour Download
06/08/17 Jerry Clarke Walking on water Download
09/07/17 Dave Medlock Here I am – send me Download
02/07/17 Derek Pemberton Adopted into God’s family Download
25/06/17 Pete Cowling The new covenant Download
11/06/17 Derek Pemberton Healing through the cross Download
04/06/17 Steve Hemming Penal substitutionary atonement Download
04/06/17 Matthew Steed Faith Download
28/05/17 Blaesius Fultang The power of God Download
28/05/17 Blaesius Fultang Look to Jesus Download
21/05/17 Keith Greener Power in the name of Jesus Download
14/05/17 Mike Cross The Earth is the Lord’s Download
30/04/17 Jerry Clarke God’s calling for your life Download
09/04/17 Matthew Steed Questions Download
02/04/17 Dave Medlock One in spirit Download
26/03/17 Gordon Higgens The new covenant Download
19/03/17 Keith Greener Trust me Download
12/03/17 Steve Hemming The new covenant Download
05/03/17 Larry Hill The rhythm of life – part 3 Download
05/03/17 Larry Hill The rhythm of life – part 2 Download
04/03/17 Larry Hill The rhythm of life – part 1 Download
26/02/17 Mike Parting The spies in Canaan Download
26/02/17 Ron Bailey God’s rest Download
12/02/17 John Moffat The life of Joseph – part 3 Download
11/02/17 Tim Cross The life of Joseph – part 2 Download
10/02/17 Matt Parting The life of Joseph – part 1 Download
05/02/17 Matthew Steed Blind Bartimaeus Download
29/01/17 Keith Greener The man born blind Download
22/01/17 Matthew Steed The potter and the clay Download
08/01/17 Dave Medlock Sunday morning Download


Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Download
18/12/16 Mike Parting The body of Christ Download
11/12/16 Walmir Souza I will build my church Download
04/12/16 Les Wheeldon Sunday evening meeting Download
04/12/16 Les Wheeldon 1 Corinthians 1 Download
27/11/16 Derek Camfield Love one another Download
20/11/16 Keith Greener The bread of life Download
06/11/16 Jerry Clarke Sunday morning Download
30/10/16 Gary Sims Jesus the son of David Download
09/10/16 Various Sunday morning meeting Download
02/10/16 Marcus Greenlaw Elisha and the Shunnamite Download
02/10/16 Matthew Steed Judgement Download
12/09/16 Various Funeral of Paul Moss Download
11/09/16 Sam Pemberton and Salma Fenton Being a christian at university Download
11/09/16 Various Strength through weakness Download
14/08/16 Matthew Steed God reasons with us Download
24/07/16 Les Wheeldon Sunday evening Download
24/07/16 Les Wheeldon Sunday morning Download
17/07/16 Dave Medlock Hezekiah Download
10/07/16 Keith Greener Music and worship Download
10/07/16 Ben Kennington Being made right with God Download
26/06/16 Dave Medlock Fear Download
26/06/16 Steve Hemming Intercessory prayer Download
19/06/16 Ron Bailey Eldership and leadership Download
19/06/16 Ron Bailey Everything you need Download
12/06/16 Jerry Clarke The compassion of Jesus Download
12/06/16 Dave Medlock Resurrection Download
05/06/16 Matthew Steed Enabling grace Download
05/06/16 Keith Greener Death and new life Download
29/05/16 Paul Moorcroft The fear of the Lord Download
29/05/16 Matthew Steed Moses and Joshua – the law and Christ Download
22/05/16 Various God is able to give you much more Download
15/05/16 Dave Medlock The body of Christ Download
08/05/16 Les Wheeldon The image of God Download
01/05/16 Various Running the race Download
24/04/16 Various Remember what God has done for you Download
17/04/16 Larry Hill The road to Emmaus Download
17/04/16 Larry Hill What place are you in? Download
16/04/16 Larry Hill Will I ever recover from this? Download
10/04/16 Mike Cross A hidden life in Christ Download
03/04/16 Various A word to the weary Download
27/03/16 Various Sunday morning meeting Download
20/03/16 Dai Patterson Take my yoke upon you part 3 Download
20/03/16 Dai Patterson Take my yoke upon you part 2 Download
19/03/16 Dai Patterson Take my yoke upon you part 1 Download
06/03/16 Jerry Clarke Sunday morning meeting Download
28/02/16 Dave Medlock Moses Download
21/02/16 Matthew Steed Entering the Holy of Holies Download
14/02/16 Dan Towers Choose life Download
13/02/16 Tim Cross Choose this day whom you will serve Download
31/01/16 Various Sunday morning meeting Download
24/01/16 Matthew Steed The gifts of the Spirit Download
24/01/16 Dave Medlock Hebrews 10:14-16 Download
17/01/16 Jerry Clarke Colossions 1:7-14 Download
10/01/16 Ron Bailey Interpreting Genesis 1 Download
10/01/16 Ben Kennington The tongue is a fire Download
03/01/16 Mike Parting 1 Corinthians 1-2 Download


Date Speaker(s) Topic(s) Download
27/12/15 Keith Greener Fire Download
20/12/15 Various Treasure in jars of clay Download
13/12/15 Dave Medlock Spiritual warfare part 3 Download
13/12/15 Gordon Higgens Luke 1 – God’s timing Download
06/12/15 Ron Bailey Children of the new Jerusalem Download
06/12/15 Dave Medlock The unity of the body of Christ Download
29/11/15 Dave Medlock Spiritual warfare part 2 Download
29/11/15 Ben Kennington Running the race Download
22/11/15 Ron Bailey The family of God Download
22/11/15 Ron Bailey The Gift of the Holy Spirit Download
15/11/15 Matthew Steed Head Uncovering and Covering Download
01/11/15 Dave Medlock Spiritual warfare part 1 Download
01/11/15 Dan Towers Abundant grace Download
18/10/15 Mike Parting The role of women in the church Download
18/10/15 Derek Camfield The Tabernacle Download
11/10/15 Gordon Higgens New Life Download
04/10/15 Matthew Steed Baptism in the Holy Spirit Download
27/09/15 Ron Bailey Acts 26:18 Download
20/09/15 Les Wheeldon Acts 20 Download
20/09/15 Les Wheeldon Acts 18:19-19:20 Download
26/07/15 Gary Sims The Path of Life Download
19/07/15 Ron Bailey What on earth is God doing? Download
19/07/15 Ron Bailey Psalm 146 Download
14/06/15 Mike Parting Hearing God Download
07/06/15 Gordon Higgens Luke 8:22-56 Download
31/05/15 Ron Bailey Threshing and ploughing Download
24/05/15 Les Wheeldon Acts 17 Download
24/05/15 Les Wheeldon Acts 12 Download
17/05/15 Matthew Steed The body of Christ Download
10/05/15 Derek Camfield Sentimentality Download
26/04/15 Ron Bailey Life-light-love Download
26/04/15 Dave Medlock New birth Download
25/04/15 Ron Bailey God is able Download
19/04/15 Dave Medlock Ephesians 3:14-21 Download
15/03/15 Matthew Steed Faith Download
08/03/15 Jerry Clarke The Kingdom of God Download
01/03/15 Dave Medlock Grace and truth Download
15/02/15 John Moffat Stand Download
14/02/15 Dan Towers Walk Download
08/02/15 Jerry Clarke Titus 2 Download
18/01/15 Elmur Richards God can make you whole Download

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